Mogłabym kogoś prosić? Przynajmniej po dwa argumenty do kazdego zawodu, sorry ze juz tutaj pisze ale nie mam czasu na prawde na nic.

Look at the list of jobs that other contestants trained to do. Which ones would/ wouldn't you like to learn to do? Why?
a) football coach
b) dog trainer
c) rock singer
d) mechanic
e) TV director
f) stuntman
g) chef
h) DJ
i) car salesman



A) football coach- good money, can become famous
b) dog trainer - I like animals , is exciting how much dog can learn
c) rock singer - i love to play guitar, can become famous
d) mechanic - I like cars, I can repair my car my self
e) TV director -I can meet a lot of famous people, good money
f) stuntman - I like extreme sports, I can play in action movies
g) chef - I like to eat, I'm intrested about different culture food
h) DJ - I love music, I stay long hours in clubs disco
i) car salesman - I am intrested about cars, I can drive different cars