There's a museum in my city where children can touch working model of very old scientific instruments and even do experiments!But that's not all yhe news from my city.In my historic city children can visit the Dragon's Den,the home of the Wawel Dragon.The beast doesn't live here,now,but there's a bronze model of the dragon which spits fire!Children who prefer real animals should vist the zo.If isn't big but it's very nice.
The bad thing about ,y city is pollution and noise.There are about 270,000 cars, 600 busesand over 3000 taxis in my city!Unfortunatley,there aren't many parks.
I think that my city can be a very important place of Ypoun Historiants Club.
The Old Town is like a big museum but it's a livingmuseum.It's also friendly to children.I hope you can guessits name!My classmates and I would like to exchange letters wit Yung Historians Club.We areInteresend on historic cities around the world witch arew nice friendly places to children to live in or to visit.

Kindest regards-