Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Next year I’m going to travel to United Arab Emirates. I hope it will be the best summer in my life!
When I’ll be there I’m going to see Dubai first. It’s big city with great skyscrapers and a lot of attractions. Maybe I will go skiing in “Ski Dubai”, a slope in the middle of a desert! Also, I want to see Burj-Al-Arab, the most expensive hotel in the world.
Next city I’m going to see is Abu-Dhabi. There’s a great sultan’s palace and Sultan’s Hotel which is incredible as I heard. Another thing I’m going to see is a big white mosque, which is called Sheik Zayed’s Mosque. I heard it has beautiful floral ornaments.
After these attractions I’m going to swim in a pool and sunbath. It’s going to be great time of sightseeing and laziness.
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