I think there won't be any cars and fossil fuels - there will be flying cars. The school will be in the computers. Each student will have own teacher who teaches him everytime he want. There won't be any shops - people will buy everything from Internet. Everything will be better, faster and more ecological.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I think that world in one hundred years will be different. There won't be any cars, all of people will shift around by fllying vehicles. I think that all normal televisions will be reproach and replace by slim and 3D televisions. All of people won't have to work, because robots will do all their duties in work. Robots will do the cleaning, do the washing and the rest of housework. In every house won't be normal door lock, but it will be replace by voice detector or reader of the dermatoglyphics. In my opinion, future will be too modern and I think that our times are better than future, in which world will be electronic.
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