Fill in the missing words.

It was quiet, sunny Saturday afternoon and Fiona 37)... sitting out in her garden.She was tried 38)... a long week's work and wanted to relax.While she was reading a book, she heard something moving in the bushes.Then , she noticed a man who 39)... carrying a hammer and a bag over his shoulder. He looked around but didn't notice Fiona.She was terrified and didn't say a word.
She picked up her mobile phone and quickly called 40)...Then, she screamed as loud as she could and surprised the burglar as he was climbing 41)... a window of her house.He stopped , saw her and ran out on to the street.Fiona chased 42)... but he was much faster than she was .
The police arrived five minutes later."I was very lucky than I was able to stop the thief from breaking 43)..." Fiona said ."You can say 44)... again " the policeman replied ."Don't worry.We'll find and arrest the 45)... .



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
37. was
38. of
39. was
40. her
41. up
42. him
43. in
44. it
45. thief