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◘ What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet?
◘ What are the good and bad sides of playing computer games?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet?
Internet plays a very important role in every sphere of life in education. It is regarded as a great multimedia manual. You can discover new information, learn about other cultures and views of other people and themselves. It allows distance learning, which is especially important for persons with disabilities.
Unfortunately, it also carries many risks, especially for its young users.

Surfing the web you can find literally everything, and thus the information deemed harmful and unacceptable for a young man. One such example is how often encountered pornography, instructions for constructing bombs, information about the distribution of drugs. A child can not accidentally hit on searching for information, eg about animals under the banner of "cat", or news about the development of plants "seed". This easy and uncontrolled access to information may threaten the moral and social development of children. Our brain loses the ability then their rational and sensible selection worth nothing. Browse willy-nilly random start collecting information on various subjects, leaving them each in their heads. We create in our brain information slurry of very important information about everything and nothing.