The biggest impact on the art of Greek civilization had settled in Crete. In the 20th century BC. Mycenae arts center were built there the famous golden mask, applied to the faces of the dead chiefs and kings. Achaeans were the inhabitants of Mycenae, a warlike people. Pzez educated style dominated them: scenes of fighting and hunting, placed on the golden vessels, and the swords of brązu.Pozostały followed by construction (underground, ground tombs and citadel. In 12w.pne. There was a period of turmoil and migracji.Wyłonił a new model of society (the city-state) and the nature of art, which now is associated with the art of ancient Greece.-eminent character of the religion (gods and goddesses present as a people endowed with supernatural power). Therefore, the then art has focused on human form. The best-known art form is rzeźba.Największe and najznamienitsze from 7th century BC. (influence of Egypt). The first period of Greek sculpture Twal to roughly 480 r.pne. and called out period for him archaicznym.Charakterystyczne sculpture straightened out the form of naked boys (Kuros) and clad girls (Korea). Uwecześni artists were unable to cast in stone a serious expression, why are statues grin on his lips. Between 480-323r. BC. we have ever used with so-called classical period. Rzedźba to grow at an incredibly fast pace. Simple standing statues of people have been replaced by a kind of stopped traffic in its natural pozach.Przykładem sea be Swordfish (DOROFOROS), and Apollo stood in the temple of Zeus at Olympia. The most famous sculptures and statues come from the temple Athens Parthenos, or the Parthenon, the largest of the temples situated in Akropolu.Świątynie were built in the second half of the 5 century BC. Greek temples were extremely proste.Zbudowane were rectangular in shape, surrounded by columns and topped with a sloping dachem.Wyróżniamy 3 orders: a simple, massive-Doric, Ionic with chzrakterystycznymi spiral heads crowned with Corinthian acanthus leaves. are characteristic of Greek architecture, brilliant sense of proportion and the acute consciousness of perspective.