Practise similar conversations with the prompts below. Use Luckily or Unfortunately .
1. My brother/have/an accident(he/OK)
My brother has just had an accident.
how awful!
luckily, he's OK.
that's good.

2.I/buy/new computer(it/not work)
3.My brother/win/a car (he/can't drive)
4.My little sister/write/ashort story (it/be/very good)
5.I/eat/five pizzas (i/be still hungry)
6. we/arrive/at our hotel (the weather/be/fantstic)
7. i/see/the Kaiser Chiefs in concert (they/be/very good)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I have bought a new computer.
That's great!
Unfortunately it doesn't work.
oh, what a pity.

My brother has won a car.
Wow, what a lucky man!
Unfortunately he can't drive.
Oh, that's a pity.

My little sister has written a short story. Luckily it was very good.
That's great!

I have eaten five pizzas.
Unfortunately I am still hungry.

We have just arrived at our hotel.
Luckily the weather is fantastic.

I have seen the Kaiser Chiefs in concert.
Luckily they were very good.

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