Opisuję jego wygląd zewnetrzny :
In the corner of the west wing and north tower is located, called. Sobieski. From the two-storey west wing leaves the gate Berrecci. It leads to the courtyard, enclosed by four sides of the wings of the castle and the fifth building, which was created from the merger of the former royal kitchens and stables during the Nazi occupation. The surface is covered with paved and limestone cubes. Galleries, surrounding the courtyard of the castle's wings are supported on columns, arcades closed, except the second floor, where the columns are twice as large, complete pitchers, supports and truss roof, and half tied garter. Windows and doors are covered with stone ornaments. In the north-eastern corner is called. Tower of Sigismund III. In the northern part of the east wing there is a tower Danish, which is a remnant of a Gothic castle. Gothic elements are also residences Kurz foot, located between the tower and Sigismund III of Denmark and who is a supporter of the east wing and the so-called tower. Yordanka, which blends into the sloping eastern part of the building. Adjacent to the building is also the royal gardens on the south side (from which there is a main entrance to them), the north and east. It is divided into the garden and garden queen king. Currently playing, there were many pavilions and the path to the bath of the king, who ascended the hill outside the walls. The castle joins the so-called Wawel Cathedral courtyard. Batory and transition, built within the courtyard. Formerly there was also steam queen (after which the remaining bath), the Chapel of St.. Mary the Egyptian. In the basement are the remnants of the church. Gereon.
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