I save your telephone number.
You create account in bank.
I don't see this sign.
My nationality is Poland.
Capital is great.
My Favourite subject is English.
tylko tyle wiem ^^
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
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- Can you give me your telephone number ?
- Only adult people can possess an account in bank.
- My sister is singing everyday.
- What nationality is that man ?
- The capital of Poland is Warsaw
- She will certainly come.
- My favourite subject is history.
- I am from Poland
- Teofil is very unusual name.
Telephone the number to the friend.
Fly's to account for the lie alone.
I learnt to sing on the lesson of music.
There is the Polish nationality.
Waszawa is Polish the capital.
Surely black dostane for the mess.
My favourite subject is the sport.
I am from Poland.
My mum has the unusual name.