1. It is red, round and hangs on a tree apple
2. Draw them in a notebook pencil
3.There you have school supplies pencil-case
4.Riding on them in winter sledge
5.The teacher asks a home homework
1.goo s e-gęś
2.b u tterfly-motyl
3.watermelo n-arbuz
4.g randparents-dziadkowie
5.unc l e-wujek
6.ste a k-stek
7.grape s-winogrono
8.tight s-rajtuzy
9.mobil e-telefon komórkowy
10.s alad-sałatka

HASŁO:sunglasses-okulary przeciwsłoneczne

1.Is Greylag
2.t is a beautiful insect with wings.
3.This red fruit with seeds.
4.These are the mother or father's parents.
5.This is brother mum..
6.This is meat.
7.hese fruits are white or red. Information has been obtained kiściach. They are very small.
8.Are similar to pantyhose. Assumed to be on his feet.
9.He can talk.
10.Given the second giving. These are not potatoes.