• Użytkownik Zadane
2 ząbki czosnku
obrana cebula pokrojona w talarki
makaron typu spaghetti
sos pomidorowy (może być z kartonika - taki luźniejszy koncentrat)
20 dag mięsa mielonego
sól i pieprz
ew. żółty ser do posypania
1 1 1
2 cloves garlic
chosen onion cut into slices
spaghetti type noodles
tomato sauce (can be from the carton - the looser concentrate)
20 dag minced meat
salt and pepper
ew cheese for sprinkling

Prepare spaghetti sauce: in a pan of hot fat in the cut Put sliced garlic and chopped onion in slices. Waiting until the zeszklą. Then we will make minced meat and fried them lightly, stirring a spatula so they do not cling. At the end poured into the tomato sauce from the carton. You can add favorite seasonings such as basil and oregano, some salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar will not harm it.
Cook spaghetti: a pan of boiling water osolonym put a handful of pasta. Do not break it into smaller pieces - after a while he starts to soften and drown himself in the water. After 2 minutes you can podziubać fork to thread together skleiły not. Cook as much as it is written on the package - will then be al dente, that is resilient.
Stacking steaming noodles on plates in the socket, then pours hot sauce. You can sprinkle the pasta with grated parmesan cheese or any of what you'll find in the refrigerator.
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