-work: Don't overwork yourself, because you'll not be productive. Take a rest for a while. If you don't have any job, there may be some intresting job oppotunity.
-family: it's a good time to visit some members of your family, who you didn't see for a while. Maybe you should arrange some family meeting?
-friends - be carefull, one of your close friends wants to hurt you. Try to stay calm and don't quarell with you collegues.
-health - be carefull with flu, wear warm clothes. It's a good time for a diet - you still have time for the New Year's Eve!
This sign represents the dark side of the earth, the occult side of history, solitude, and meditation. People born under it are deep thinkers, natural orators, and teachers. They are worshippers of intellect, and devotees to book knowledge. They are insatiable in their desire for intellectual growth.

They are indefatigable workers, and apt to tire quickly because they usually do several things at a time. Like the goat, they will work for themselves without stop or stint, but are very restless when harnessed to work for others. They are not overstocked with self-esteem, and are apt to be self-conscious. Capricorn people resent all interference, and never meddle with the affairs of others. They are fine entertainers, have excellent memories, and excel in story telling.

You are a great worker and you'll have a promotion in your job! Good for you.

It's time for family dinners, meeting with parents, children and give them presents.

Soon, you'll probably get a new friend. Be nice and never lie him becouse you could easily nervous him.

You are the type of very good heath, like a fish . Going to the gym or swimming pool, playing sports pays.
Po angielsku:
LION Lions are very strong ,so and you will be strong.Be careful on acquaintances they will make you some joke.
The work: you will Be busy very much but all will go out.
Friends: The friend they did not forget about you.You will have the interesting week with friends.
The family:you Can always rely help these on her in difficult situations.
The health you: Be careful with the health , will be tired but and so don't worry sie all sie of the thigh.

po polsku:
Lwy są bardzo silne ,więc i ty będziesz silny.Uważaj na znajomych zrobią ci jakiś żart.
Praca: Będziesz bardzo zajęty ale wszystko wyjdzie.
Przyjaciele: Przyjaciel nie zapomnieli o tobie.Będziesz miał ciekawy tydzień z przyjaciółmi.
Rodzina:Możesz zawsze na nią polegać pomogą ci w trudnych sytuacjach.
Zdrowie: Uważaj na zdrowie ,będziesz zmęczony ale i tak nie martw sie wszystko sie uda.