Spaghetti - specifically Italian Food, while the name of a particular kind of pasta, which it is founded.

Legend has it that spaghetti was invented in China, where Marco Polo had brought them to Venice. From there spread to the whole of Italy. Others argue that ate spaghetti in Italy already in the times of the Etruscans.

A typical meal consists of spaghetti portions of freshly cooked pasta mixed with an appropriate sauce and cheese.

In the region of Naples, it is spaghetti with a spoon and fork, in other regions of Italy used a knife and fork.

The most popular sauces for spaghetti

Spaghetti sauces are made different. This is the most popular ones:

Sauce comes from a region of Rome. It was invented by Allied soldiers during World War II, who combined Italian pasta with the available military rations. Carbonara made from bacon , egg yolks, parmesan, pecorino sheep cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper. Prepare sauce when the pasta is ready.

It's meat sauce from the Italian city of Bologna. It shall be presented with many types of meat , sausage , bacon, vegetables set , olive oil, tomatoes and red wine. The secret to successful cooking sauce is long: at least two hours, and preferably four. Finely chopped onions, vegetables, bacon and sausages fried up in olive oil for a while. Then added the minced meat. When it gets brown, add wine and pepper. Then add the tomatoes, covered with a pot or pan and cook on low heat for at least two hours. If sauce is too thick, you can dilute broth. According to some Italian rules before adding the tomatoes, you can also add a pinch of freshly ground cinnamon and clove. Please note that this is a meat sauce, to which the Italians only adds vegetables, which were at hand and can not be in it too many tomatoes.