The word 'pizza' was used for the first time about 977 in Italy. The first world's pizzeria was called "Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba". It was established in 1830 in Napoli and exists until present days under the adress Via Port’Alba 18.
Nowadays pizza is well-known and liked all over the world. This multi-cultular dish ('wielokulturowe danie' nawet po polsku brzmi dość dziko...) has found its place in almost each cuisine of the world, fitting different, specific tastes and preferences.
Pizza is my favourite dish. I eat it quite often, but in small amounts. My favourite kind of pizza is Margherita. I don't like pizza with garlic nor onion. In my opinion pizza is a tasty dish for any occasion.

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hm.. ja mogę ci napisać przepis na pierogi (czyli jak sie przyzadza)
1 cottage cheese
0.5 kg flour
1 egg
1 glass of water
1 spoon of salt and pepper.
Cut cottage cheese and put in into the bowl. Take flour egg and glass of water. Mix it together. Until you get the mass. Roll out the mass and cut itout into small pieces. Add stuffing and stick it together. Boll water. Pit pierogi into the pot and cook 15 minutes.
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