Football is typical men sport . I'm women so i dont' like it. I think that football is brutal, boring and not fascinate kind of sport . I understend that men can like it and play in this ,so I wish they good fun , but I don't enjoy it. When we want play in football we need have two team. In one team about 11 person and juding.
Many people play in football on playground , before blocks of flat or house, school . Football is very popular sport , because is very easy, enought can run and run and run .
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Football is a team game. Since 1900, the discipline Olympics.The purpose of game is the ball in goal opponent.The winner team, which has two catches of 45 minutes will score more goals. Football matches take place on a rectangular field covered turf.Sizes pitch is 45 m to 90 m in width and length from 90 m to 120 m, but the pitch may not be square
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