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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Julia!

I`m sory that i haven`t been writing so long but i had to learn. Now i have to study a lot becouse I`m having exams in April.
I have extra maths clasess. My teacher is so funny i realy enjoy this lessons.
Do you remember how much i wanted to have a pet? My parents bought me a dog for my birthday. His name is Burek and he is wonderful. I love him.
I have to tell you that i met some guy. His name is Mateusz and i go out with him every day. We are walkin and talking all the time we`re together. Last time he tried to kiss me but my mom called me. I think I got in love.
Let`s stop writing about me and tell me something about you? Maybe You would come to my country in summer? We would hame w great time. I would show you my home town and we would be watching films every evening.
I miss you! Write soon!

I'm sorry, that so long I didn't wrote to you but Ididn't have time. I had a lot of science and meetings with friends. Everything is in order. Recently, I was a little sick. Two days ago I was with my friends in a swimming pool. We swam and played ball. Suddenly, I came to me some boy. he was very bauty and strong. We started talk. I was very hapy and charmed. It turned out that he goes to my school. Now we are talking to each break. You can come to me on holiday, we are talking and playing the ball.