Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Zad 3
1.are surfing
2. is chatting
3.I'm jogging now
4.are skateboardind
5. are haveing

zad 4. are ... surfing
are heaving
is scateboarding
is playing
isn't playing
is sitting
aren't doing
am.... doing
I'm makeing

zad 5
1. please, course, thanks
2.could, centrainly
3.sorry, never
4.can't, matter

zad 6
what's it doing?
It's wathing TV

what's he doing?
He's reading a newspaper

what are they doing?
They are haveing a barbeciue

zad 7
we played at school a bascedball and football
my favourite film is a Pirates of caraibes because it is exciting
I have a lot of homework but I have time for other things
Yes I have so I spend....
4 3 4