Odpowiedz na pytania podanymi wyrazami w nawiasach.

Dear Tom

Thanks for you letter......
Can you meet me at the station? (yes/Mum and I drive to the station)

.............What the title of the play ? My mumwants to pay for the tickets.(title:The Happy King!/pay for tickets - no)

...... Do I have to wear special clothes? What clothes should I bring? What other things should I bring? ( comfortable clothes for horseriding/bring swimming things and roller blades)

........... What about going to see the new Harry Potter film? What other things can we do ? (Harry Potter film- yes canoeing?)



1. Yes, mum and I will drive to the station.
2. The title is Happy King and you don't have to pay for tickets.
3. Good idea, we can go. Also we can canoeing.