Opisz jaki powinien być idealny przyjaciel:
- podaj min. 4 cechy charakteru i uzasadnij dlaczego akurat te
- podaj jakich cech min.2 nie powinien mieć i uzasadnij
- napisz jakie wspólne zainteresowania powinniście mnieć (dlaczego)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A perfect friend should be loyal and trustworthy so you can relay on him and tell your secrets to. He will never lie to you and will be always on your side. He also should be helpful and understanding. He will support you when you feel down or when you've got a problem and if you fail him, he will forgive you.
He shouldn't be egoistic because then he would think only about himself and it would be hard to be real friends with him. What more he shouldn't be dishonest because then you couldn't trust him.
I think we should have a lot in common and be on the same wavelength. I would like him to do the same sports as me for example volleyball and cycling. He should like spending time in the same way what me because then we could share our passions.
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