Witam,napisze mi ktos dobry z angielskiego jakąs prosta recenzje z filmu na ktorym ostatnio bylam w kinie??moze to byc jakas znana komedia...
chcialabym by była tak napisana na (4)zalezy mi bardzo na tej pracy a sama sobie nie moge poradzic



Recently I went to the cinema to an interesting comedy because I was very bored in the afternoons is still the same comedy was called "Tais toi" she told a bandit who goes to prison. He meets Guy and talk ative with him fleeing the prison.I liked this movie becouse it was very very funny and interesting in it has a lot of interesting and unusual things. I decided to watch it again.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
"Titanic" is an American feactury film from 1997. It won 11 Oscars. It was directed by James Cameron in 20th Century Fox, Parmant Pictures and Lightstorm Entertaiment Studio.
"Titanic" is about the hunt in of diamond at the bottom of the ocean. Old woman talks about her memory from ship Titanic. She meets there Jack feacturing Leonardo Di Caprio. They fall in love and plan the rest of their lives togheter, but ship do not get through to the port.
The good point of this film is the soundtrack, because it is very romantic. The best fragment of the soundtrack was at the end it is "My heart will go on". Flashback scenes are very realistic and bring in unique atmosphere.
But in one of the scens we can see man who shott the film and blue sky when the ship sets from Southampton.
Whis film is a very good production and I cen recommendt it to people who like history and are romantic, because Leonardo and Kate re very good actors. I can not imagine this film without these people