5.uzupełnij rozmowę telefoniczną czasownikami poniżej w odpowiedniej formie


Grace : Hi, Lucy.

Lucy : Hi, Grace.What (are) you (doing)?

Grace : I 2___________________in my bedroom.

Lucy : 3________ you _______________Spider-Man 3 again ?

Grace : no. I'm not. My brother 4____________
that. I've got the Shrek 3 DVD.

Lucy : Really ? Can I watch it ?

Grace : Of course. What 5________you_______
now ?

Lucy : I 6____________my mum.We 7________
a cake .

Grace :Oh wow ! Sorry .

Lucy : Don't worry . We 8_________anything now. The cake's in the oven. We 9___________
for it.

Grace : Well, come and watch Shrek later and bring me some cake

Lucy : Sure . No problem



2. I'm sitting
3. Are you watching
4. watch
5. are you doing
6. I'm helping
7. we're making
9. we're waiting
2.I am sitting in my bedroom
3.Are you watching...
4.My brother is doing that
5.What are you doing now?
6.I am helping my mom
7.we are making a cake
8.we aren't doing anything now
9.we are waiting for it