Odpowiedz na pytania 9 (i przetłumacz):
1.how will life be in the future? will it be better?
2.why will life be better or worse?
3.what is improtant for the future? what must we do?
4. what will be the consequences of these action?
5.do you feel optimistic or pessimistic about the future?
6.what wil we be able to do and what won't we be able to do?

paragraf1: A better life?
in my opinion...

paragraf2:Actions 'n' consequences
I think it's important that ...

paragraf3: Conclusion
in general I feel...



1 i thing live in the future will be better becouse technology is better and technology grow grow and grow

i say it will be better i say that i question number 1
3important is biology i thing we must look after all off the world
4i don t know
5i don know but a mabey thing that will be better life
6we must take rubbish to bin no to forest or lake