Błagam !! pomocy !! na jutro musze napisać list ( maturalny co najmniej 150 słów ) na temat Why TV is bad for us i podać argument do każdego myślnika
-TV encourages us be lazy
-it often gives us a trivial version of the news
-we don't use our brains when we watch TV
-TV teaches young people that violence is always the best answer

pomóżcie :))



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Szczerze powiedziawszy to nie wiadomo, co to za list ma być. Nie napisaleś do kogo ani nic. Na myśl przychodzi mi tylko list do wydawcy.

Dear Sir,
I am writing to express my opinion on the views presented in the article on addiction to television, which appeared in the last issue of your magazine. The author of the text concentrates mainly on the advantages that watching TV can have. He does not take into consideration all those harmful consequences of television.
First of all, television encourages people to be lazy. It offers colorful versions of different books which does not develop their creativity. Everything is shown, everything is ready-made and therefore there is no place for imagination. Television does not let us develop ourselves and does not allow us to use our brain while watching it.
Moreover, it often gives us trivial version of the news. Television often tries to scare us with some bad information and it plays only on our feelings and emotions. It does not show everything as it is but offers only fragments of the whole truth.
Finally, television teaches young people that violence is always the best answer. Simple, brutal stories provided by different film makers show us that violence is always the best solution. Films are not complicated, there is always a hero who kills all the bad guys at the end.
Although I do not agree with the views presented in the article, I think that the author has started a very interesting discussion and I am happy to share my ideas with other readers.
Yours faithfully,
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