Łódź is one of the largest Poland's city, and have the second population. łódź is located in the center of Poland, 75 miles south-west of Warszawa. the name of the city means "boat" in Polish, but there aren't large rivers or bodies of water.
There're many placeS worth visiting like: modern Manufakture(this is place with long history, because there's a collection of shops is in old factory of Gabriel Poznański), long and beautiful Piotrkowska street (it's the longest commercial street in the world. There're many interesting buildings, pubs, restaurants, clubs and shops. This is the best place to go out with friends and have fun with them.
Łódź has one of the best museumS od modern art in Poland - Muzeum Sztuki on Więckowskiego street.
In this city there are many parks (e.g. Łagiewniki - the largest city park in europe. It's good place to go to walk with somebody or with dogs.
One of the the best place to go out is indoor swimming-pool - on Wodny Raj - Wiernej Rzeki street. Besides swimming-pool there are two slides, sauna and jacuzzi. On the spot there is A restaurant for you. It's a wonderfull place for relaxing.
The second place were you can relaxed is skating-rink - Bombonierka - on Stefanowskiego street. You can also play or watch matches ice-hockey, or you can skate.
In Łódź there are many interesting places to visit.
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My favourite town is Krakow.Is very big city.Krakow have a big red castle name "WAWEL". Krakow is situated by Vistula.Vistula is the longest river in poland. Krakow have shopping centre(the biggest in poland :Casimir(Kazimież) ).I love krakow because in summer is very hot there:)
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