I can drink 1 cold water.
I can jump to 2 meters.
I can eat 3 sandwiches at the morning.
I can read 4 words to seconds.
I can make up in the 5 minutes.
I can do my homework at the 6 minutes.
I can tomorrow do the washingup in the 7 minutes.
I can play with you but 8 minutes.
I can write a pool in the 9 minutes.
I can care about him but for 10 p.m
1. I can swimming.
2. You can cycling.
3. She can run.
4. He can't sing
5. We can playing drums.
6. They can dance.
7. I can't skating.
8. You can't diving.
9. She can't driving a car.
10. We can't playing guitars.