1.on monday i went to forest
2.on monday i visited my friend
3.on Wednesday I learnt to test
4.on Thursday I have at doctor visit
5.on Wednesday I washed window
6.on Saturday I played on computer
7.on Sunday I went to church

jak będzie źle stawiam browara :P
jak coś to pisz na moje GG pomoge chociaż troche
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1. On monday I am going to the swimming pool with my father at 8 o'clock am.
2. On tuesday I'm watching TV with my parents.
3. On wednesday I'm reading 2 books for test in Polish.
4. On thursday I'm going outside with my friends.
5. On Friday I'm going to the club to the concert.
6. On Saturday I'm going to my grandfather.
7. On Sunday I'm sitting at home alone.
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