When I went to a terrible domu.Przestraszyłam to niewidziałam nothing but darkness, it was horrible, it was really sad not want to experience something like this mo
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Two days ago I was in town with my friends:Katie,Ann and Mark.We was doing a shopping when we saw very scary house.We was boring so we went into the house.Mark say: Did anybody has cover it somewhere? But we didn't heard anything when wardrobe was moving and we was start shouting !! Then Ann opened the wardrobe and inside wasnt anything.We was very scary so we went outside.Yesterday Mark told me about his dream about wardrobe where he saw a mumia who killed us!!
On the last vacation I went with my friends back home in Sławkowicach, some say it is haunted, but I do not towers. We met at 8:00 on Saturday in Łazanach, planned as we get into the house. We have agreed that we enter through the basement window. Succeeded, we got. For the moment there is nothing terrible, but I think we cyganili all of a sudden a bat flew by us on the head, shivers went after us. We decided to bat one does not say anything long one was not here. But in the end we stopped for some lift and collapsed into the earth and there were many bats, spiders and knives. So we were afraid that we cried because we did not see out, and finally someone heard us and got out. And we have never chosen for the house which they say that it is haunted because it's true.