I like summer. My family and I usually go to the Canary Islands in July. In the mornings I usually get up at 10.00 because I haven't got to go to schol. I have breakfast, then we go to the sea. At noon we have lunch then we take a na. In the evenings we go out four dinner and then we dance. I can go to bed late at night. It's perfect being on holiday.

IKtóre zdania są prawdziwe? Popraw zdania fałszywe.

1 She goes on holiday with hr family.

2 She gets up early while on holiday.

3 The always go on holiday in the spring.

4 She goes to the beach in the morning.

5 They don't go out in the evenings.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. true- prawdziwe
2. false-fałszywe. She gets up at 10.00 (late)because she hasn't got to go to school.
3. false. she goes on holiday in july
5. false. on the evening they go out four dinner.