The dear mum and the Dad holidays into Hollywood are beautiful. Very pretty weather.Everyday is a sun is shining. I already visited the Avenue of stars and the museum of waxworks.
I am greeting the heat.
Dear parents,

I'm havin a great time in Hollywood. The weather is fantastic. Yesterday morning, I and my group went along the streets of this amazing place. We saw beautiful residences of american millionaire. Can you believe me, that I saw Brad Pitt? It was amazing! He bought coffe in restaurant. I receive his autograph! This evening we're haveing a disco in our hotel. I hope, that it will be a great fun.

I'm flying home on Saturday. See you at the airport.

Dear Parents!
Hollywood is very interesing city. There are a lot of shop wiht clothes, cosmetics and memorabilia. My holiday here are great. I were meet much nic people. With my friends we are visit fantastic places, such us chinese teathre. We go on beach and we swimm in atlantic ocean. Avenue of Stars is an amazing place. There are big stars signed. Among other things, Pola Negri, Kermit The Frog, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Britney Spears. Weather here is great. Sun is shining, rain isn't raining. It is a pity that you're not here. I greet your daughter ...