Opisz osobę którą podziwiasz (podać kilka informacji na jej temat , opisać jej zasługi , kim była lub kim jest, za co i dlaczego się ją podziwia) na minimum 1 kartkę A4 .
Ma to być jedna z podanych osób Kurt Cobain, Jane Austin, Elżbieta I Tudor, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien lub Johnny Depp .



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Johnny Depp was born in a small town in a very typical American family. His father was an engineer while his mother was a housewife. When I was 7 years old he moved with his family to Florida. A few years later his parents divorced, which resulted in the collapse and John led to seek solace in drugs. This was the cause Depp tipped from school. He decided then to make a career as a musician. He played in about 15 different teams, which enjoyed the greatest fame, a group called "Kids". Journeyed up the joint tour with legendary rocker Iggy Pop. Unfortunately, after several years the band broke up and this time, Depp decided to try his luck as an actor. His then-wife Lori Allison introduced him to Nicolas Cage, who got him a role in the horror film "Nightmare on Elm Street." After graduating from acting school in Los Angeles, Depp has been engaged to one of the smaller roles in the Oscar-winning Oliver Stone film "Platoon." He drew the attention of television producers and was employed for the TV series "21 Jump Street." The role of detective Tommy Hanson, which played there brought him immense popularity and has allowed a career on the big screen. He appeared in the controversial film director John Waters' Cry "and Tim Burton's surreal fairy tale" Edward Scissorhands. " Both roles have been evaluated very well and gave Deppowi star status. Unfortunately, his career was during this period full of scandals. In 1993, actor River Phoenix died of drug overdose in a nightclub the Viper Room that belongs to Depp. A year later, Johnny was arrested for causing losses amounting to $ 2,000 in a hotel in Manhattan. Fortunately, this was a transitional period in his life and now an actor to generate interest tabloids frequently changing only companions his life. It is worth noting that among them were such luminaries as: Sherilynn Fenn, Jennifer Grey, or a super model Kate Moss. In 1996, Johnny Depp bought a magnificent mansion, previously owned by the unforgettable role enactors Dracula Bela Lugosi, and currently resides there with his next girlfriend, French singer Vanessa Paradis. In 1997, the actor made his directorial debut film "brave" for which he received the Golden Palm at Cannes.