Napisz recenzję filmu (po angielsku) Ma ona zawierać: jaki to rodzaj filmu, o czym on jest, kto w nim gra (i najważniejsze) : własna opinia.

Ważny dla mnie jest sens, czas (present simple) i poinformowanie mnie jaki to jest film.

Praca potrzebna mi jest na jutro. Bardzo pilna + gwarantuje, że najładniejsza recenzja zostanie wynagrodzona ; )



American Pie - The Wedding
With its tongue only slightly in its cheek, the poster for this third slice of American Pie describes it as the climax of a "saga" - as opposed to the last sequel it can reasonably get away with. But maybe there will be a spate of Phantom Menace-style prequels, with Jason Biggs playing a young, square 1960s version of his dad, now played by Eugene Levy. Something like: The First Pie - here's how it went in the oven.
Anyway, the Pie series has been a huge smash; it gave Levy a box office Indian summer in youth movies and a big leg-up to the career of Sean William Scott, an actor who can play charming dorks really well with the right script. Pie 3 has got some amiable high spirits and all the regulation grossout moments and nightmare embarrassments.
Jim (Biggs) gets caught being fellated under a restaurant table by his girlfriend Michelle, played by Alyson Hannigan - whose babe potential has rocketed in a way no one could have predicted when the first movie appeared - and then proposes to her. Jim and Stifler (Scott) are revealed in a compromising position with his prospective father-in-law's two dogs and Stifler has to eat a turd. Eeuu.
All of it could have been brilliant in an offensive way, yet the film is so determinedly lacking in any real fun. I found myself yearning for the Wildean wit of the Todd Phillips movie Old School, starring Vince Vaughn.
There was one bright scene: Stifler pretends to be a sensitive intellectual to impress Michelle's cute sister Cadence (January Jones), only to find that she likes crude types better: and has to watch with gritted teeth while snooty Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) gets off with her using a Stifler impression. But none of it is really funny, and the crudity is now very dull.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The Mask is a fantastic comedy, romance and action film . All in one. It is an excellent film because it has got everything.
The mai characters are Stanley-Jim Carrey, Tina- Cameron Diaz and Milos Stanley's dog. They live in the USA. One day Stanley Ipkins finds an ancient mask when he puts mask on his face, he can change a hean. The Mask is a briliant film with fantastic special effects. It's my favourite film because it is funny, exciting and there plays ma favourite actress Cameron Diaz.
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