Polecenie: Give advice. Use should and shouldn' t.

1 (przykład)
I want to be good at english.
You should study every day. You shouldn't use your own language in english classes.
2. She wants to be thinner
3. They want to go to Italy for a holiday but haven't got a lot of money.
4. He's keen on finding a new pen friend.
5. She doesn't have any free time on sundays.
6. she's often late for school.

Prosze Was pomóżcie mi w tym. Z góry dzięki!



2. She should do a lot of exercises. She shouldn't eat unhealthy food.
3. They should look for a job. They shouldn't buy unnecessary things.
4. He should write to somebody. He shouldn't offend his pen friends.
5. She should do her homework on Friday. She shouldn't get up late.
6. She should go to bed earlier. She shouldn't miss a bus.
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