Klijętka - good morning
Saleswoman - good morning
S I - W what can woman help?
K - Czy she would can help to choose on event dress woman me?
S - Tak obviously,and in what oneself you feels well?
K - Lubie short elegant dresses
S - Tak we have with this collection something
S - A what woman's colour likes?And I ask to pass size.
K - Lubie bright lively colour for example green,pink żułty. Size 39
S - O please to see these dresses
K - Tak pretty about maybe this yellow or this pink I will try on...
S - A I ask to see thereon green very elegant cut...
K - ugh so very pretty there now I do not it know ...
K I - will try on this these four...
S I - Proszę here fitting room is
k - thanks
K - thingamabobs two fit this green and this pink only do not it know which wziąść...?
S - O maybe with this green fits to woman of eyes very
K - ugh it yes very pretty I will ask this her.
S I - ask to cash desk To it will pack up.
K - Tak this how much pay for this dress
S -235zł
K I - Proszę
S - Reszta for woman, I ask
K - thanks woman warmly by means,dowidzenia
S I - ask and commend oneself from now on,dowidzenia

mam nadzieje ze pomoglam:)
-Good morning.
-Good morning. Can I help you?
- I am going to go to Australia, and I want to some necessary things. I would like T-shirt, medium size and shorts.
-Ok! Here you are.
- Where is the changing room?
- Oh, it`s here, on the corner.
(5 minutes later)
- This T-shirt is good, but I would like bigger shorts.
-No problem. Everything else?
-Yes, I think.
- We have got special offert for our clients. If you would like suntan oil or insecticide you will get 15% discount.
- Ok. I am taking this oil.
-Would you like pay cash or credit car?
- It`s 20 Euro.
-Here you are.
-Thank you. Have a nice day. Goodbay