Pocztówka z wakacji.

Hi Jason
Here we are in Spain and it's hot !
We arrived in Malaga last night at
mightnight. The plane was three
hours late ! Then we travelled to
our hotel in a coach. The hotel is
great. It's got two swimming pools.
This morning I stayed in the pool
for two hoursand then I played
football on the beach with Karl,
a bay from Germany. The food
isn't great but it's OK. Anyway,
I'm having a good time.
See you next week.



Dear Sue,
This place is real fabulous! I`m in Marseilles, You know, it`s on south coast of France. Anywhere You`re looking, is water or sand. City, where we live is small but magnificent . We sleep all morning and go to pubs and discos in evenings. Every afternoon we go to the beach. Once, when we came back from water, I saw some boy sitting on my towel. We get acquainted. He is great! I have good fun here. I love discos and swimming and I love my new friends.
Hugs & kisses.
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Hi Alex
How are you? I hope you're fine.
I'm having amazing time here. I'm with my friends at the seasite. We was in the cinema yesterday and we saw beautiful the lighthouse yesterday evening. I got up very early today. We go on the beach and we sunbathe. I love sunbathing and swimming. We're going to go to the club tonight. The weather is fantastic. It's sunny and warm.
See you soon.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
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Hi Josh,
I'm on holiday in Brazil. I having a
great time. The weather is hot
and the sun's shining. At the moment
I'm staying on the beach, and read
a magazine. We arrived in Brazil last
morning. The hotel is cool, and the
food is brilliant! I come backa for a

write me soon!
Nicole xxx


może być??
Jak tak to licze na naj !! ;**
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