Our world in 100 years will look very strange. People without friends will be able to purchase the works, which in a similar way as a man will behave and serve as a good company. They will learn to cook, clean, wash and many other household chores. And create artificial Animals. Will listen in a particular way, and learn quickly. The whole Earth will be surrounded by a special coating that will protect people from the various gases and meteorites that fall to the planet will quite often. Beneath the surface there will be various laboratories and corridors dedicated przejazdom instant trains. Construct various types of cars that will be able to float and fly across the sky. Nominate for these special vehicles road air. In the homes of any equipment will be operated electronically. Chairs, beds and even the cutlery will be guided by them connected to the keys. At school, there will be benches, where you mini-computers that allow students to easily find the materials they need for lessons. Instead of eating will create a capsule that will be sufficient for the day. Everyone will wear a watch, which allows contact with other people. You will be able to travel to other planets and explore the universe. Instead of TVs Players will be virtual. The world will be free of pollution, because man will live without producing waste. ;)