On fridays I go to the swimming pool , and then I go to the school .
My lessons usually start at eight o ` clock and I have five or six lessons . My worts lessons is Maths . I have lunch at school , at or one o ` clok .
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Every day I get up about 6: 30. I am brushing teeth and I am exercising. I am eating the breakfast and I am going to the school. After finished lessons I am getting back home and I am having dinner. Later I am doing my homework, I am studying and I am watching TV. With evening I am walking oneself with the friend. Later I am getting back home I am washing myself, I am listening to music and I am going to bed about 23.
Morning went to school. After school, ate lunch and Worked out a lesson. Then I sat down to a computer for 1 hour. Later, after my friend came in and went for ice cream, and then to the park. I went home happy. My Mother Gave me dinner .. went into the shower and watched an interesting movie. Already it was quite late so I went to sleep.