You are going to hear someone reporting a crash. Look at the picture and the prompts and guess the story.

* helicopter crash * sunbathe * swim * warm afternoon * fly * engine roar * start falling * clear sky * people gather * rescue pilot/passengers

Trzeba napisać historyjkę. Na zdjęciu są ludzie na plaży i helikopter w wodzie. Napiszcie nawet dużo, żeby nie było za mało



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Some day when the weather was really pretty everybody goes on a beach. There were many children and parents. Some children was in water, another was playing in water voleyball and other was swiming. While Parents was sungathing on a warm sand. Everybody was very happy, because It was beautiful clear sky. At some point, every eye turned towards heaven, because it moves away from the noises were heard something like a huge engine roar. 5 minutes later we saw huge helicopter, which could not land and flew straight into the sea. People started to come out of the water and gathering on the coast terrified that what happens in the air. Suddenly we saw how helicopter starts falling down. Children starts to cries and no one know what to do now. When helicopter crash, older man goes to the machine and was starting to help passengers. It was very hard work, but finally he rescue everybody, even pilot. He became a hero, people began to write about it in newspapers and on television talk.

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