Ułóż krótką historyjke w czasie PAST SIMPLE, korzystając (ZE WSZYSTKICH) z poniższych czasowników.:
attack, carry, come, find, go, have, like, live, make, open, play, sail, visit, wear.
Pierwsze zdanie brzmi:
One day a stranger visited me...



Tom Stevents lived in the country on a big farm. He had a happy childhood, but he wanted to see the world. When Tom leaved school, he decided to join the navy. He spend the next ten years sailing around the world. He traveled to lots of places and met lots of people. Tom saved his money and one day he said goodbye to the navy. He went back to his village, bought a farm of his own, and started work. A year later he married Carla, his schoolfriend, and they had three children. Tom and Carla lived happily on their farm and were lucky enough to have lots of grandchildren.
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