Ex.1. Cross out the phrases you can't use with the verb+preposition.

put on .you bed/your clothes/ your glasses.

1.get off .your bike/a car/a bus.
2.look after .your parents/your brithday/that book.
3.turn up .the light/a computer/your helmet.
4.pick up .a lesson/a pencil/some money.
5.get out of .a room/a car/a kateboard.
6.sit down .on a chair/on the wall/on the floor.
7.put down .the phone/her cup/the car.

ex.2. complete each sentence with the verbs and preposition in the box.

fal off, get into, get on, look ater, pick up, put on, sit down, stand up, turn off, turn up.

1.can you ... the tv ad do your homework, please?
2.if you don't ... the bus, it will go!
3. ... your jacket and let's go outside.
4.do you ... your younger brother?
5. ... the computer and we'll look on the internet.
6.be careful or you'll ... that chair!
7. ... ! you're sitting on my mobile.
8.hurry up ad ... the car. we must go!
9.you can ... next to me.
10.your room is too untidy. ... your clothes off the floor.

ex.3. complete the converation with the verbs and the prepositions.

look after, pick up, put on, sit down, stand up, take off

1.ouch! ... and I'll look.
2.jack, can you ... my bike?
3.i've just put in the garage.
1.were you ... you sister?
3.yes, I was! she ... her helmet.
1.did you, ellie?
3.and she was ... on her bike!
2.jack! shhh!
1.ellie! you must always ... uour helmet.

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. your bed
2. a bus
3. your birthday
4. a pencil?
5. a kateboard
6. on the wall
7. the car

1. turn off
2. get on
3. Put on
4. look after
5. turn up
6. fall off
7. Stand up
8. get into
9. sit down
10. Pick up

1. sit down
2. look after

3. pick up
4. take off

5. sit down
6. put on

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