Easter Sunday Mass of the Resurrection celebrated at dawn to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ is a joyful celebration and widespread in Slavic countries.

Blessed Sacrament is wynoszony of the Holy Sepulchre and three obnoszony in solemn procession around the church, amid the ringing of bells and songs of Easter. Once the start of Mass Resurrection was accompanied by the roar of cannons. Today - just bursts of firecrackers.

Resurrection is celebrated on Sunday, Christmas Day, in the chair. 6.00 am. In ancient times this took place in worship on Easter Saturday at midnight. At the time of the Stanislaus, where it was dangerous to walk the streets at night, the ceremony was moved to a safer hour.

The first mention of the Mass.. Resurrection from the tenth century, and was celebrated in Augsburg, Germany. The rite is derived from the medieval mystery plays, and the extension is likely to have influenced bożogrobowcy (miechowici).

In Warsaw, the Mass took place. Resurrection at St.. Cross and had such a wonderful setting for the apostolic nuncio Antici the time of King Stanislaw August in the admiration he cried: "O bone Deus, quanta Maiestas" and told the Holy Father. That "nothing more touching is not seen."

In Poland, the celebration of the Resurrection are called Easter in remembrance of the night from Saturday to Sunday, when Jesus was resurrected. But in English it is called the feast of Easter, and the German Oester - these are names derived from the word "East". Now, they represent both the geographic direction, once also meant - as in Polish - the sunrise. It was also in English and German former importance, which is a new day rising of the night: the resurrection of Jesus on the night of his death.

In Russian holiday is known as "Passover." The name derives from the "Old Testament". Feast of the Passover was celebrated in Israel as a religious feast associated with the offering of a lamb. Easter banquet was connected with a historic event - the Exodus from Egypt, namely slavery and was a remembrance of the saving acts of Yahweh.

Christian tradition that direction shifted to a new event: out of the house of bondage and death, a celebration of the resurrection as the saving act of God in Jesus Christ - for Christians, Christ is the lamb for Easter in remembrance of his sacrifice on the Cross.

Resurrection Sunday is the first and najdawniejszym feast in the Catholic Church, celebrated since the time of the Apostles. Symbolic expression of this is to celebrate the Christian Sunday as the Dies Dominica (The Lord's Day), thus demonstrating the Slavonic name of Sunday as Woskriesienije (Resurrection).

Easter is a movable holiday (celebrated on the first Sunday after the spring full moon) and is the main celebration of the liturgical year, from the calculation of the calendar of the most important church holidays such as: Ascension, Pentecost, and others.

In the octave of Easter, celebrated Christmas traditions are diverse, including: Dyngus, Emmaus, Rękawka.