Dear Sam,

Sorry I haven’t written for so long but I’ve been really busy lately studying for my final exams. It was great to get your letter and hear all your latest news, especially the part about you coming to visit in July.

The weather is warm then so we should be able to spend quite a bit of time at the beach. I think you will really enjoy the clubs in the city, particularly the one with techno music that has just opened. The film festival will be on then so we shall take the advantage of that as well.

You asked what clothes you should bring. You should manage with summer shorts, t-shirts, some sandals and a sweater or jacket for the evenings, which can be rather cool, owing to the sea breezes. Don’t forget to bring your diving equipment, if you would like to try diving too. I’d better go and get on with my exam preparation. I hope your exams go well too.

Hello Kate!
I write for you because i like you. How are you?
I very good. I very miss you . I go to the school to 5 class.
It's very funny class. We have big blackboard and much windows,
we have five flours. They are very beautiful.

Write to my soon.
Expensive (dear) < way > Kasiu!
(preamble; enter) letter hot and I thank for birthday wishes I .Zapytałaś where so, I was listen on last school excursion. Two days ago you along with my on bicycle excursion for nearby class choose administer short rest lasku.Jechaliśmy kwadrans.Po dojechniu and then, < sweat > somewhere there each can assemble (collect; convene) at ease hour all pochodzić.O wyznzczonej where you told and we have moved to way. Excursion was very udana. That we will go with (from) on such bicycle excursion else class. Laurel