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In that one night of October, three months ago, survived the shock. - Nice shock - she laughs. - I did not know that the world is such a romantic men. Is approaching the first anniversary of their knowledge. That evening, they had to go to his parents. Peter loitering a bit, and then stated that the road must join an unspecified store. Strangely enough, located near her home. - It was eight p.m., dark, rain, and we krążyliśmy pointlessly around one of the squares of Warsaw - says Karina. - Peter most first stopped at a side street, while shaped and moved, then the other. Likewise, in the third. No attention to those of his maneuvers and, as usual, talked, talked, talked ... Finally, he stopped in the middle of the street, turned on warning lights and asked that I got out, he was in the car. Set aside only window on my part. Got out, bent over to open the window and calmly returned to the interrupted thread. At some point she heard a categorical: "Turn around!". When she did, her gaze fell on a billboard i. .. the sentence: "I love you, Kari. Peter ". - God is for me? - She whispered. So much from that time remembers. Then there was shock, surprise, disbelief, that happen to her ACKGROUND something so wonderful. Pozachwycała to odtańczyła his dance of joy, wycałowała Peter, who stood beside her, then reached for the cell. She began to phone my mother and sisters. The first nearly fainted before they understood what she meant. She thought that her daughter happened to some misfortune. Sister complained of migraine. "And what was your migraine" - it has divested Karina. - Imagine that Peter was prepared for me a billboard ... - And then I sent more than thirty MMS to all my friends - says a happy bride. - Send and I thought: "And let me just now someone will say that Peter is not najcudowniejszy in the world, it probably will kill him." Half an hour later, the banner has been Kariny dad (we were not just at home), dressed only in shirt and a neighbor in a kind of dressing. Karina did not allow them to even set up jackets, but told to immediately get in the car. - Dad was moved, and a neighbor said - I saw the inscription, this afternoon, but I thought it was advertising a new, romantic film. 26-year-old Peter Wrzeszcz banner inventor admits that he had a real problem. - Do not know if Karina praised graphics. Fortunately, everything came out great - enjoy. They met on 29 October 2007. - A friend from college, has long said that is cool colleague. He suggested me to go with him on her 20th birthday. And since the day before, clashed with his girlfriend, willingly profited from this call - reveals Peter. On birthdays Kariny amused to twenty people, its peers. - My friends praised the fast cars and bare babkami. Peter was so different: adult, charming - Karina smiles. - Stylish T-shirt, sweater, rose in his hand ... So I decided to address it a little - added jokingly. Took up so that wordy and a half hours on the terrace. They talked about her studies, hobbies, passions. - And so I really talked - Karina states. - After two hours I realized that he knows almost everything about me, and I nothing about him. Only that had studied and worked. Fun in the morning tired guests put on a short nap. - My new friend, lay down next to, but I did not even touch - she says gaily. - And when he awoke, he was gone. Waiting for the phone two days, and then telephoned to their common friend to ask for help. - Peter impressed me - admits Karina. - Elder by five years, firm. He knew what he wanted from life. - She was my type - Peter confesses. - How mature for his age, brunette, dark eyes, original, Armenian beauty inherited from the mother. I thought, however, that for me too young. After the intervention of a friend sent an SMS to Kariny: "Thank you for the wonderful reception. I played very well be. I did not think that this girl wants to meet me. " Karina wrote off at once: "I waited for the message. I am glad that I met you. " - And so began our love - speak with one voice. They had to meet a few days, this Saturday, but Karina ill with smallpox. Peter sent her text messages. Careful, trite. She is impatient. - I waited, that it will respond to me immediately, and he odpisywał after several hours. He explained that he could not because he is at work. How does it not? - Are nervous. After all, I should be most important for him! Today, laughs at herself. - When Peter grew up - he says. After three weeks, was appointed to the cinema, on the cartoons. Peter, who because of the color of a cure for smallpox, called it the Pink Panther, bought her a gift teddy bear dressed in pink polarek. Satisfied with the teddy bear, a panther because he could not spotted in any store. In the course of the film Peter for the first time he touched her hand. - He did it somehow so gently, subtly, that the heart came to my throat - moved by Karina. After the film, went to dinner. Karina proposed Klubokawiarnia fashionable. She instantly felt like a fish in water, and teased his guests and staff, and atmosphere of the place. - Dude, it's not my world - complained to a friend. That was stubbornly held Kariny: - She is not snobka has a big heart, he likes to help others - enumerated. And Karina, and Paul remember all the details of their life together: the dates of subsequent meetings, seven days a week. On the fourth rendezvous was appointed at bowling. Karina then demanded that Peter told her something about yourself i. .. kissed him. First! - Lips touched his lips, turned around and ran to the alley. It was November 19th ... - Says. Peter first said that he loves her. Expecting the same religion, but Karina was silent. - I was not even sure of his feelings - he says. She did this a few days later, on New Year's Eve. Then time went into the mountains. - I was 20 years, but I asked my mother for permission. You can apply these principles. For us, Armenian women, the first man is the last man. Peter has a history of two compounds. Both failed. - Karina helped me out of the mental hole. Was able to advise, raise morale. She was a friend, partner and my woman. 26-year-old man now admits that perhaps those failures are also his fault. Really never run out thoughts in the distant future. In his head he had a self-image: single, self-contained apartment, good car, working from morning to evening, after dinner, walking the dog. Karinie only when he felt that he wanted to be a husband and father. That can live for someone, not just for myself. And Karina is the woman, is worth fighting ... When they met, lived in two different worlds. Karina annoyed that the beloved can not go with her in the middle of the day shopping, it is time for the nineteenth time, not always, often goes on mission. After several months of knowledge began to understand myself better. - Karina had to grow up quickly, and I stepped back for her boys in the world - Peter smiles. Peter is by nature cautious, wary. - Now it is betraying the fashion - thinks. - I know what I'm saying, I saw it with my own eyes. I knew how to remain faithful. I am sure myself, because I know what I have in the heart and mind. Between him and Karin was not dead these final words of common life, but she secretly dreams of yet one official oświadczynach and engagement. Believes that this will happen this year. Peter nods assent head. - I will try to come up with something original - it promises. Marriage will take in the summer of 2011. Then she will have 23 years, so that once her sister. Peter observes changes in the behavior of his beloved, if somewhat annoys him that it does not, by itself, nothing planned, even for a weekend trip. - First perform forty phone calls to friends and family - laughs Peter. - I undertake immediately a decision yes or no. She has it as bad, it is still jealous. - And so did the progress - he stresses. - First, it happened to him every two hours, then every two days, and now once a month. Appreciates the fiance that not only celebrates the anniversaries, but miesięcznice. She tries not to be worse. At first they know półrocznicę bought him an electronic desk frame - something like a small monitor. Uploader their photos instantly, collate them by theme: Karina fledgling next photo fledgling Peter and later the important moments of their lives: the first independent kroczki, Communion, pictures of the first colonies. This kind of movie would lock the inscription: "From our knowledge it's been six months, and so many days, so many minutes and seconds". Karina at the last Christmas she received from Peter bathrobe, pajamas, socks and underwear set, all of Mickey Mouse, because it's ulubioma mascot. She bought him a DVD, an electric razor and leather bag. - I gave it my entire salary - he says with pride. Karina is studying psychology and working in the company of his sister. - Now our meetings seem so - Karina laughs. Peter sits quietly and listens to what I say and look at me like the picture. And how do I pause to catch breath, he would sometimes say something ... For now, only a couple of them pomieszkuje and then only on weekends, once in his time with her parents. True test of the maturity of pass, when the dwell time. Only then are convinced, as are their lasting affection. - I knew already some of the habits of his beloved. I know, for example, hangs clothes like socks and throws - dowcipkuje Karina. For love is Kariny complement of youth and femininity. But also the obligation of fidelity and loyalty. - Love is lucky - he says 21-year-old. Believes that he loves only once. - Love one, as one life - adds poetically. Enter the house, after a meeting with Peter, and on the staircase of the first receiving a text message: "Thanks for a great evening. I love you. " Closes hall and receives another: "We reach the house. I miss already. - That it is love - the smiling young woman. Love is the ordinary everyday life. Yesterday, for example, Peter asked her to uprasowanie shirt. - Why should I do? - The indignant. - He needs me to be persuaded - winks knowingly. But the day itself, he did such a quark, which likes the most: with chives and radishes. And even half a year ago is not it occurred to her that someone could do the food. Karina is a one, loves Peter and wants to grow old with him. - But I do not know? - Provokes beloved. - Maybe something to me bounces? Strokes him on the cheek, hugs and says: - "I am very happy. And it is most important. I wish this was the end of life ...
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