Media are spread in life of modern person widely. In order to apprehend language of media, use (be of service) mediumistic instruments independently, identify mediumistic messages, it is necessary to prepare for it. Television particularly, by the reason of it, that it is most general, huge influence (income) has on process of education of child. School should be place, it learn child in which (who) as observe television, choose proper programs. Should introduce children from youngest classes to manners of operations of television beginning, in order to they have learned language of media. Become fastidious recipient (receiver), they choose this program only, which (who) interests it (them) most, which (who) will implement knowledge, it will supply curious emotive survivals and intellectual if (or) it will relax. So, I have processed script of (scenario of) occupance (studies) in class second (other) „ do we know (be able) to use with television ?
Tv programme is a important thing. We can see what we can watch.
There is some information about films and actors. We can read description about films. We can read description about serials. We now when the films and serials start.We now which film and serial is new. Everybody need tv programme on the week. We now what type of programme we watch. In the tv programme there is some publicities.