Twój kolega z USA , przebywający właśnie w Polsce, napisał do ciebie list z propozycją wspólnego wyjazdu w okresie świąt Bożego narodzenia . ty jednak zaplanowałeś już spędzenie świąt z rodziną. napisz list w którym
- przeprosisz i podasz powód, dla którego nie możesz przyjąć zaproszenia
- opiszesz jak ty i twoja rodzina spędzacie zwykle święta
- zachecisz do spędzenia świą z twoją rodziną
- obiecasz pokazać mu twoje miasto i najbliższą okolicę



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Excuse me, but I can not go with you for Christmas. Already I planned to spend Christmas with family. Usually every year we meet at the home of one of the members of the family. We buy each other gifts, my mother cooked 12 meals.We recite the prayer, sit at the table and then open gifts. And what do you say to spend the Christmas this year with me and my family? Would be cool if you chose to come. I'll show you the city we'll come to the shops. You'll see as we take a Christmas .
(Twoje Imie)

Prosze o najlepsza jak sie spodoba ;)
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Dear johny
Thank you for your wonderful letter that has brought me lots of joy as usual. Sorry for not replying to your lost one but lately I?ve been suffering from a chronic lack of time.
I am afraid I have bad news for you. To be more specific. I carrot accept your invitation to spend the Easter together. The reason seems to be a trivial one, but important to me. I wish to spend the time with my loving family who couldn?t forgive me if I did the other way.
However, I would like to give you a short commentary on our way spenoling the Easter, here in Poland. We start celebrating the time by going to the church with hollow foods, on Saturday morning. Then, on Sunday we have delicious solemn breakfast with our families and wish ?goodluch? to each other, sharing with a special hollow egg. The Easter is a very joyful time for everybody.
Frankie, the fact that I cannot come to you does not have to mean we cannot meet that time. Perhaps it would be possible for you to visit me during this time and have Polish celebration, what do you think?
It would be marvelous. In addition, I could show you the most beautiful places and exhibits of my family town. If I were you, I would not hesitate even for a brief moment.
Come on, say ?yes? to my invitation.
All my family is waiting for you.
Yours XYZ
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