1. What kind of people do you like, why?
2.Adventages and disadventages of being famous?
3. your best friend- discribe?
4. your favourite family member?
5. how can we help the elderly? What problems do they face?
6. what makes people remembered?
How can we comme movate people and events?
7. charity- what is it? What do charity organisation do?

prosze o podanie odp na te pytania. wystarczy po 5 zdan krotkich zdan na kazde pytanie. daje duzo pkt i chce to miec zrobione przez osobe znajacą ang a nie przetlumaczone z translatica.pl będzie najlepsza odp:)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Obawiam się, że nie udzielę odpowiedzi na wszystkie pytania, więc postaram się udzielić wyczerpujących odpowiedzi na pytania na które potrafię odp.:
1. What kind of people do you like, why?
I don't like people who think that they are the best and irreplaceable. Friendly and talkative -that the kind of people I like. I like honest people, because I think that lie is the most terrible think in this world. Another characteristics of the people I like are tidy, punctual, brave, helpful, reliable. But I think that we can't find perfect human.
3. your best friend- discribe?
My best friend don't exist but someday I'll find him. Indifference the me whatever it will be: man or woman. He or she should definitely should be friendly and funny. I don't like lazy and boring people. I want to have energetic and crazy friend. My friend should be like me
4. your favourite family member?
I think that my fabourite family member is my grandpa. He's so funny and hopeful person. When i was little child I've want to be like him. He's over seventy years old, but he's still energetic and full of life. My grandma said that he's like child. Maybe his body aging, but his psyche is all time like child psyche.
5. how can we help the elderly? What problems do they face?
Always when I can I'm trying to help my grandparents. When they feels unwell I do shopping for them or cook them lunch. I know how hard they must be so I'm trying to make their lives easier. I've got neighbor, she's over eighty and she can't walk. So if she need a help, I help her. She's trying to pay me for that, but I don't want her money, because when I'll be retired someone will must help me.
7. charity- what is it? What do charity organisation do?
Charity is very disinterested organisation. People who works in charity organisation should get order a good heart, because that what they do is really beautifull. They help poor people, lend they money or help they child to do homework, when parents are working. Work in a charity organisation isn't very hard. Almost everyone can do that. If you have good heart and love people - you suitable.

w sumie nie odpowiedziałem na dwa pytania, ale nadrobiłem to kilkoma zdaniami więcej w innych odpowiedziach:)Zrobiłem ponad 71% więc liczę na to, że nie zgłosisz odpowiedzi jako błędnej:)
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1. I like people who ale sociable and kind. They are more intresting, I can go with them to pub, club or to the cinema and have fun.
2. When you are famous you have a lot of money. People recognise you on the street and it is easier to meet other people, because most of them are kind to you and want to talk with you. Disadvantage of being famous is that you have no private life, if you do something wrong, people will read about it in newspapers, internet or watch in tv. You can have also a lot of enemies.
3. My best friend is very friendly, he always helps me when I have a problem, he talk with me a lot. He often takes me to the parties so I can be bored with him.
4. My mother. She is very supportive, always helps when I have a problem. Also cooks delicious dinners ;).
5. We can let them sit on the chair in the bus. Be kind to them.
Noo, dalej mi sie nie chce.
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1.) I lik him because there is curious person and gay.
2.)Not, it is not known this person
3.)My fairest friend it ..............
4.)My favorite and there is family member
5.)That unknow problem become
6.)It in (to) too introduce (present) not know
7.)What do not know I be charity
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