Work in pairs.Make a diologue for each situation.

1.You`re at your friend`s house.You suddenly remember that you promised to phone your mother.You don`t have a mobile phone.
.The train is very full.A family is sitting together and there is one free space in the middle of them.
3.You need to leave class early today



1. -Mark, I've got a problem. I must phone home but I've forgotten my mobile. Can I borrow yours?
-Yes, of course. It's lying on the chest of drawers.
2. -Excuse me. I'm really tired and there's only one free place. Do you mind if I sit between you?
-No, please do. It's not a problem.
3. -Miss Newton, I'm feeling sick. Is it OK if I leave classes earlier today?
-I'm afraid not. You're writing a test. Don't you remember?
1. A: Well, Can I borrow your mobile phone? I promised to phone my mother...
B: Sure, but don't talk very long, please
A: Thanks
B: You're welcome
2. A: Exceuse me, Can I sit, over there?
B: Sure, this pleace is free, anyone doesn't sit there.
A: Thank you very much
3. A: Exceuse me, I have to leave the class elrier today
B: Have you got a paper from your mum? \
A: Yes, here you are
B: That's all right. You can go