I woke up at seven o'clock. I had big brekfest. I watched TV after brekfest. About 10 o'clock I went to Jobcenter becouse I'm looking for job. I looking for job about three month. It is not eazy to find job. About 2 o'clock I had metting with my best friend. We had together lunch. Then we went to soppin center. We had great time. About 6 o'clock I made diner for my boyfriend. I made fish and chips. He was very happy about that. Now I'm writting my homework

polski- ja wstałem o siódmej,jadłem śniadanie i oglądałem televizję itp

musze lecieć sorry
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I usually get up at 7 a.m. Then I have breakfast.
I always go to school at half past 7 and I finish lessons at 2p.m.
After school I have dinner and naxt I do my homework and learn.
In the afternoon I often play computer games or listen to music (wstaw, co chcesz). At 6p.m. I have supper. Next I take a shower and in the evening I watch TV. Then at about 10 p.m I go to bed.