Name: Avril
Surname: Lavigne
date of birth: 27.09.1984
the sign of the zodiac: weight
Nationality: francusko Canadian
place of origin: Napanee, Ontario, Canada
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue green
Height: 1.66
Parents: Judy, John
Siblings: Michelle, Matt
Hobby: Singing, songwriting
Idols: Alanis Morissette, of Sums 41 t
he first kiss: in the century of 9 years
Favourite colours: black, red

She was born in, small, calm Napanee towns in the Ontario (Canada). For her the family believed in God very much, therefore Avril as the young girl sang in the church choir. In the childhood she loved sport, she played in the hockey team (having 10 years), and in the free time was mad after Napanee on the skateboard, with boys. Lavigne has loving parents, older brother-Matt and a younger sister Michelle. With her domestic pet jast dog. Avril started writing texts and the music in the century of 12 years, at first she spoke at weddings. Having 16 years left to Los Angeles, in quest the success. And... as everybody knows, she managed! She promoted her first Let plate of it with single "Complicated". Young girls worldwide fell in love with the Avril Lavigne music, as well as her punk style (ties which no longer is carrying, because doesn't want wprowdzać of no fashion). She recorded a lot interesting or fewer music videos, was mad at innumerable concerts. In this confusion she reached the second album "Under we Skinhead", in May which 2004 appeared of year (in Poland). I think that everyone are knowing such pieces well as "Don't Tell my", "we Happy Ending", whether "Nobody's Home". Avril is amongst ten stars the most helping poor men and for sick persons, he is singing a song to series animated for children and he is going to play the central role in a biographical film about Courtney Love which the vocalist very much respects. In the break between next Avril plates she grew up, she changed the Image and she became the real lady. She got to like dresses and high heels. He is commencing the acting career, she lent her voice to Heather, for small opossum from the film "Over The Hedge" ("Jump over the fence") and isn't going to be through with it! Recently at Polish cinemas a crime novel had the premiere "The Flock"... (Predator). on 15 July she got married to Deryckiem Whibleyem and she changed her name. In 2006 together with the American composer she wrote the song in Łukasz Gottwald "Keep holding company he" which was on a soundtrack of the adventure fantasy Eragon film. This song was a candidate for the nomination of the American Film Academy. "Breakaway" is also a co-author of the text of the song Kelly Clarkson which achieved the great success. 13 April 2007 r, to the delight of fans for her the third plate appeared The Best Damn Thing Fri. (the Best damn thing). Avril tried to return to the previous packaging, but she didn't leave dresses. An international hit is the first single originating in it "Girlfriend", evoking emotions mixt up. The album very much is diversified - from melancholy "When You're gone" for light-hearted and cheerful "The best damn thing". Apart from that very much "Hot" is a familiar piece, which the vocalist is expressing her affections for the husband, in Whibleya Derycka. But Fans until the end aren't satisfied from her new image "sweet punkówy". They prefer the "version" Avril from previous plates, are fed up with an omnipresent rouge. Perhaps soon it will change (the vocalist has as many as 24 years!). He remains for us to wait patiently for the next Avril plate.

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