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Fortunately, we weren't on that road for very long.We werent onto a patch back towards school.The best thing was that the path was downhill, so I didn't have to pedal my bike-but I went too fast and I nearly fell off!
We got back to school at about 2 o'clock. The journey was 20 kilometers!
I was very tired, but I enjoyed it and the school raised £ 500 for charity.
Please write to me soon and tell me about one of your adventures.Where did you go? Who with ? How long did it take?



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Dear Emily,
I'm writting to you to tell about one of my adventures.
Last year I went on a school camp,near the forest in my village.
Camp started on Saturday morining.It was at the end of the May, so it was warmy and sunny.
When we finally arrive at the camp place,we packed out our stuff and wanted to have a campfire.To did this we needed some wood, so I went to the forest with my friend Mike to find some.Suddenly I realised that I could'nt see Mike, I started to screaming and shouting.I was very frightened, it was very dark and I didn't take my torch with me.Mike wasn't answering and I started to run, I run out of the forest and everybody were asking me about Mike. I told them that I lost him in the wood, when unexpectadly Mike went out from the bushes and said "surpise!" I was very angry at him and I didn't talko to him for all the camp.
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Dear Emily!

I would like to tell you about the adventure that she met me .. One day I went for a walk and met a great guy .. He had brown eyes and dark hair. He immediately fell into my eye. I learned that her name was Martin. I wrote to him on gadu-gadu, but not wrote.when`s in school found a letter in my locker. It was from him. He wrote in it that he liked me and in me love. I wrote him the same thing .. It was love at first sight. LOVE; *

As you can see me all right au you?

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